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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Variations on Roundspace

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Howdy y'all!

Been a small age since my last post - almost a year! Unfortunately, it turns out full time programming makes extra home programming a bit more struggling.

Nonetheless - I've persevered, and thought I might show off some of what I've been working on. Some time back, I made a prototype of a game called 'Roundspace' (blog, download from

After some encouragement from LinuxFanatic (who shall remain anonymous), I've decided to put a bit more work into it.

So - I've recreated the base game in C++, and am adding a bunch of variations to the same concept. The idea is to recreate a classical music style 'Theme And Variations' - with the basic theme, and a bunch of small gameplay changes that create unique experiences. The benefit of recreating it in C++ is that (with LinuxFanatic's assistance) - we're able to port to mobile devices. The one button mechanics and extremely quick games means that it should be perfect to play 'on the go'.

I've also varied the base mechanics a little. The original version had the 'outer border' shrinking at a consistent speed, where the new one speeds up on each 'bullet' released (to prevent just tapping incessantly) and awards more points where larger bullets hit the target in the middle.

Some screenshots of it (as it currently is) are below. Not available just yet, with a fair bit more work to do. No guarantee this is reflective of how it will look when it's finished. These vary in size a bit - as (with mobile being a target) - scaling is a necessity and was being tested.


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