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Sunday, 8 March 2015

7DRL - The Chase - Day 1 Report

3/08/2015 02:34:00 am Posted by Lachlan No comments

I ended up with way bigger issues with a development environment then I expected - so my 168 hours doesn't really start until about 10PM AEST. I eventually got Pygame working in Python 3.4. I did also attempt with Cocos but concluded that it was too foreign to me (in all guises) to work on a 'rapid' prototype, and that I couldn't get my computer to make a nice deployment to a windows binary (from JS). I also looked at MonoGame, but had issues with the content pipeline.

I've so far got the (significant) beginnings of my framework. It turns out that having actual experience in a language makes it a lot easier to write tidy code in it! So far, I've got the basis of my state machine, a file/data/asset manager and my PyGame boilerplate down. I've also confirmed that I can deploy it to an exe. I was hoping to get further along tonight - but got held back.

I feel that I'm laying a good foundation that's going to make my code easier to work with as this project goes on.


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