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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Atlas Warriors Alpha 2 Released

11/08/2014 12:45:00 am Posted by Lachlan No comments

I've released the second alpha of Atlas Warriors on Github. You can get it on for Windows.

Again, please provide any feedback you have.
Tell me what you like about my game, and tell me what is horribly wrong. There is an issue tracker for bugs and the like on Could you please report any minor or (far more importantly) major bugs that pop up?

If it is your first time playing, I recommend you have a look at the weapon summary here to understand how the different weapons worth. Providing an in-game explanation is a high priority.

Potentially incomplete list of changes:
- Added messages dialog
- Modified inventory and load out dialog
- Turned off cheats by default
- Added 'support' link to main menu
- Added support for image backgrounds
- Other bugfixes including (but not limited to)
- Closing issue #7
- Closing issue #6
- Closing issue #4
- Balance changes including
- Altering difficulty of Goliaths
- Altering difficulty of final level depending on difficulty chosen)

Good luck


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