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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nerdy Gentleman on Gamer Law

2/23/2012 03:46:00 pm Posted by Lachlan , , , No comments
I just my first article put up on Jas Purewel's fantastic blog GamerLaw.

In it, I discuss the current state of the R Rating for games in Australia. The introduction is reprinted below:
There is something rotten with the state of gaming in Australia. Unlike other entertainment mediums, games can not be given an R18+ rating or classification. This has two practical effects: Games that are deemed too mature (generally due to violence or sexual references) are banned, making their sale illegal, their importation illegal and in Western Australia, their possession illegal. Other games that have been generally rated R18+ equivalents in other markets (such as The Witcher 2) are downrated to MA15+ to get them through the system.
Find the full article on

In other news, I got sick of my crappy GUI controls inside Jack's editor. So - I have written network support which can be compiled in or out to provide access to the command interface (which is all the GUI did anyway), and the current state of memory. Then I'll be able to write a fairly simple companion (read: symbiont) program to provide the functions of the editor. I'm thinking I'll probably do it in C# simply because the GUI is pretty easy to program.

Always remember: If you ever find yourself custom coding your own GUI from scratch, its time to step back and do something else. Most OSs provide a decent one. And I can guarantee it is a lot easier to maintain, and far less buggier.


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