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Monday, 9 January 2012

Linux Support

1/09/2012 06:43:00 pm Posted by Lachlan , No comments

I've successfully got Jack to compile and run on Linux (screenshot below).

As I've got no familiarity with linux C++ development, I went for the Code::Blocks IDE which I found more then passable. I compiled on Mint-Linux as it has been my distro of choice, bearing similarities to both Debian (with use of APT for packaging) and Ubuntu (from whence it originally came) but somewhat lighter. I ran it inside Virtual Box.

I spent a decent chunk of time recompiling and getting headers and libraries etc. as the repository had old ones. I also spent a significant amount of time fixing up the little things that VC++ lets you get away with. And file names. I had to fix a lot of file names in #include's due to Linux's case sensitivity.

I also made some progress with the memory leak: I got tools to find it. I've installed Visual Leak Debugger which seems to work fairly well - but missed the majority of the leaks. I recompiled SDL with Visual Leak Debugger (which was more "fun" - see but then it worked perfectly. And dumped pages and pages of allocated memory going to SDL surfaces and the like. Whoops.... that'll be a fix job for a little later.


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