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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Teleporting Levels

11/15/2011 06:54:00 pm Posted by Lachlan No comments
I've been experimenting with an idea for a new mechanic - even though I haven't really done that much with the 'Stop' one. But I got bored with it - so we'll add more as inspiration strikes. My new puzzle mechanic is teleporters. You can see how they will work below:
The idea is that when he's in a teleporter, you'll see a 'ghost' of where he would come out. You push the button, and he will teleport to the other side, in the same direction and speed he went in as if nothing happened - just at a different place. So far, I've designed one Introduction to Mechanic level ("For science. You monster."), one easier puzzle ("Teleprompter") and a very suddenly more difficult level (I think) ("Tower of eternal telefrags"). I may do some more of them.

For science. You monster.


Tower of eternal telefrags.

A notable limitation is that none of these levels incorporate any of the mechanics (other then being squashed) from earlier levels. I'm going to try to do a couple that particularly combine stop signs and teleporters. I also think that there needs to be a bit gentler of a transition to Tower of eternal telefrags - so adding another level there.

By my (admittedly baseless) estimate, the level designs will have about 21m of Gameplay time. When I actually program them, we'll see whether my estimates are close or way off. I'll probably stop the designing of levels (at least as my primary goal) when I reach about 30m - it should be long enough to discover whether it is fun or not. Either way, I should possibly avoid adding more mechanics, and see if I can make do with the 3 I already have. Though a fourth would be nice....

9 Actual Puzzles
3 Simple "Introduction to mechanic puzzles"
12 Total
None of them actually work in engine yet - all just designs.

Update 7:48PM
I've come up with a level that is a bit easier, and uses elements from all three groups of level - it's below. It uses bits of other levels just a bit. I think I need a couple more of these


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