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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Mighty Ascension of Jack

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The Final Level So Far
I'm still working on the final level. I've started working on the next stage. I had a pretty cool idea of what I wanted, but I don't think that I have quite got what I wanted, and that it may not be as much fun as I'd like it to be at the moment.

I think I might need to redo it. I'll see if I can improve it more a bit later.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Mighty Ascension of Jack

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Part of (the only designed part of) "The Mighty Ascension of Jack"
I'm playing with the idea of making a big final level for my "Jack is a Fool" thing. Now - it's still my intention that what I release will be only about half an hour long, and only a fairly short game from which I can figure out whether its fun, and probably release it as freeware. It won't have graphics that it would if I turned it into a longer commercial indie game. But anyway. I digress.

Big final level. Portal has a phenomenal final level. In it, you use all the puzzle solving techniques you've used throughout the rest of the game to be able to finish a big epic amalgamation of the puzzles. Something nice and final. I think the idea of ascending to the surface in Portal 2 is brilliant too, and feels good. So - I've been thinking of combining the few styles of puzzles I'm using into one big final level that will have hopefully interlinked puzzles, a couple of checkpoints and something that will hopefully feel like a satisfactory finish even if the game is somewhat short.

So far, I've designed the grand total of what you can see above. In reality, it's about a third of the length as I'd like it to be, and currently has about 3 puzzles in it - linked by the big lift in the middle. I think, once I've finished designing it (at least to some level I'm remotely happy with), I'll call my "designs before programming" a day, and start working towards making them work.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Teleporting Levels

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I've been experimenting with an idea for a new mechanic - even though I haven't really done that much with the 'Stop' one. But I got bored with it - so we'll add more as inspiration strikes. My new puzzle mechanic is teleporters. You can see how they will work below:
The idea is that when he's in a teleporter, you'll see a 'ghost' of where he would come out. You push the button, and he will teleport to the other side, in the same direction and speed he went in as if nothing happened - just at a different place. So far, I've designed one Introduction to Mechanic level ("For science. You monster."), one easier puzzle ("Teleprompter") and a very suddenly more difficult level (I think) ("Tower of eternal telefrags"). I may do some more of them.

For science. You monster.


Tower of eternal telefrags.

A notable limitation is that none of these levels incorporate any of the mechanics (other then being squashed) from earlier levels. I'm going to try to do a couple that particularly combine stop signs and teleporters. I also think that there needs to be a bit gentler of a transition to Tower of eternal telefrags - so adding another level there.

By my (admittedly baseless) estimate, the level designs will have about 21m of Gameplay time. When I actually program them, we'll see whether my estimates are close or way off. I'll probably stop the designing of levels (at least as my primary goal) when I reach about 30m - it should be long enough to discover whether it is fun or not. Either way, I should possibly avoid adding more mechanics, and see if I can make do with the 3 I already have. Though a fourth would be nice....

9 Actual Puzzles
3 Simple "Introduction to mechanic puzzles"
12 Total
None of them actually work in engine yet - all just designs.

Update 7:48PM
I've come up with a level that is a bit easier, and uses elements from all three groups of level - it's below. It uses bits of other levels just a bit. I think I need a couple more of these

Monday, 14 November 2011

2 New Levels

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First new level

Second new level
I've got two new level plans done. The first will work, the second may or may not be finishable; I'll verify in the next day or so. Which does mean one thing: I'm back on. Friday featured my last exam for the semester, so now I actually have some time to attempt to get the prototype of Jack out.

So - I'm back to trying to design enough puzzles to make me happy enough to make a prototype. Problem is - I have no idea how hard they will actually be to play. I know I'm struggling designing them as I have no experience in Puzzle design before.

We'll see.

7 Actual Puzzles
2 Simple "Introduction to mechanic puzzles"
9 Total
None of them actually work in engine yet - all just designs.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

[Non Games] Movember

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Me, on the 30th of Movember. Hopefully.
I'm going to digress slightly off topic today and make a small request:
I'd really love for you to support me in Movember, and donate money for a pretty awesome cause, and for me to grow a pretty awesome moustache*.

If that was enough to convince you - please donate online at

If not - here is the official spiel: 


It’s Movember and time to focus on men’s health. To show my commitment, I’m donating my face to the cause by growing a moustache for the entire month of November, and need your support. My Mo will spark conversations, and no doubt generate some laughs; all in the name of raising vital awareness and funds for prostate cancer male depression.

Why am I so passionate about men’s health?
*1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime
*This year 20,000 new cases of the disease will be diagnosed
*1 in 8 men will experience depression in their lifetime

I’m asking you to support my Movember campaign by making a donation by either:
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Thank you in advance for supporting my efforts to change the face of men’s health. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.  
So yeah - please?

* History will show I've tried in the past. And I've grown a bit of hair above my top lip. But I'll try! I'll spend my afternoons trying to push more hair out - and try not to look like Max Payne in his first games in the process!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Temporary Hold of Proceedings

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I'll be around, but not particularly productive with programming until at least next friday (The 11th) - Before then, I have a 2500 word case study on the Carbon Market due Friday (which will probably be made available on Scribd - potentially after further research), Competition law exam on the next Monday, Property law exam on Tuesday and a Civil Procedure exam on Friday. Its unlikely I'll be doing much other then work.

Meanwhile, however, I think after this date, I'll set a deadline to get the 'first taste' version of Jack is a Fool out - and see if it's fun enough to finish and sell.