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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Jack is a Fool - Puzzle Progress

10/19/2011 10:46:00 pm Posted by Lachlan No comments

Just a brief update on progress of puzzles.

Turns out one of the puzzle ideas was if not bad, very difficult to execute (as in, fully design). It was an idea for a kind of moving maze. I'll wait until I can think about it more - but I still like the idea.

I've been working on another puzzle inspired by the valves puzzle (with the wheelburrow) in Grim Fandango though its turned out nothing like it. I'm trying to think of a simple thing that a couple of buttons could do to the moving platforms to make it a puzzling and solvable challenge to make them all align. I'm just not quite sure yet. The puzzle as stands is below - though may change totally.
I'll update when I've done just a little more.

---UPDATE - 11:03PM ---

I think I've made my puzzle. 
Please Click for the detail

The idea is that the platforms are going really fairly quickly and hence will squash jack unless they're put in the right order (maybe - 3 in line then 2 in line) - though this isn't so important. I can't test it yet anyway.

You put them in the right order with the Navy, Blue and Green buttons. The navy one pauses A C and E, the blue one B D & E and the green one A C & D. They each pause for everything else to make one quarter of the journey - I've marked out the distance with x.

Problem is - whilst I like the idea, I don't know how many moves (or indeed even if - though I stronly suspect so) it will take to be solved. So - I'll solve my puzzle tomorrow to be sure.

I like the idea of the level though - looks challenging.



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