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Friday, 2 September 2011

Platform Progress

9/02/2011 11:51:00 am Posted by Lachlan No comments
I'm slowly progressing with my platform engine - working toward getting the basis of the editor working. As of yesterday, I can finally create new platforms by cloning other platforms. I'm working on getting the platforms to be able to generate their own 'recipes' so I will be able to save the maps and load them again.

The engine is actually fairly odd. Lots of things are stored in std::map's with strings. The whole thing is built around the PuppetMaster. Greenspun's Tenth Rule (though there are no proceeding laws) states that Any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of Common Lisp. I'm slowly seeing this become true with my platform engine. It makes at least a minimal amount of sense to me, but I'm not always really certain I've done everything the best way - as can be expected from somebody who hasn't written much like this before. It's interesting just how much time I've been spending on the editor (which will still be buggy, and likely unfit for public consumption) because as I'm building it, I'm building the infrastructure. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to handle some of the odder things specifically related to platform games - like movement functions. It is my intention to build all of these out of the same feature rather then using polymorphism as I want to be able to create new types of platforms and features without changing code. I am considering whether I could add lua scripts as an alternative, though they may be slower.

Once I get this stuff down at least basically, I'm going to start dealing with Player-Characters/Actors/Monsters etc. Then I'm going to make a basic proof of concept game to test the engine. It will likely end up being a clone of World 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros - or something like that.

Then I'll start working on the next full game. I've had a few concepts that I'll detail soon.



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