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Monday, 18 July 2011

Platform Progress - Consoles

7/18/2011 01:56:00 pm Posted by Lachlan , , No comments

I've spent the last few days getting the console up and running. And it does.

Thus far, it can now access and manipulate things in classes which are exposed to it. For instance, the Game class is exposed to the 'Puppetmaster' (as I've dubbed it). If I load the console (Quake 1 style - by pushing ~), I can check what the cameras x value is by typing
Game camera_x
which will then return something along the lines of
I can also set camera_x in much the same way
Game camera_x = 30
This is advantageous because it is laying the foundation for me to be able to change the game without having to recompile. If I want new types of platforms etc, I may need to add them in C++ code. However, I'll be able to place them and modify them within the game itself (or in the editor of the game - which is currently (and will stay) in the same source as the game). The program is also going to use the triggers and console itself - in what may not be particularly efficient, but is going to make my job easier. For instance, I will add a Trigger underneath a block which tells the PuppetMaster that it's time for the block to the fall.

And so far it works!

Part of this has been learning to use the boost library - which I'm impressed with. I'm impressed with how consistent it is with the C++ STL itself - accessing regex results is done exactly the same way with iterators as any of the STL containers. I'm also finding boost::lexicalcast<> an absolute lifesaver.

I'm thinking next will be a very basic GUI for accessing code and using triggers that will operate through the PuppetMaster to make my life easier. Either that or just adding the template dude to make him jump around...


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